It’s not that I don’t like to give my boyfriend a blowjob everyday or whenever he
wants it, I love sex. What is a blowjob? Sex, I would just like it if he went down on me every once in awhile. I mean come on; I even shave for that purpose. If I am going to just suck his dick, why should I go through with all that trouble of shaving. I don’t even feel like shaving my legs. What’s the point really? My boyfriend gets his, way more than I get mine. Nevertheless, I truly don’t mind it, really. As I said, I love sex. However, if you had to deal with a guy or girl that didn’t do their fair share, wouldn’t you be upset? Some people don’t care. However, I am one of those who do. I have been developing fantasies on end since he stopped eating me out. You know I wouldn’t mind him just playing with it, or teasing me. That would be really nice. I like to feel special. When the only care on your mind is satisfying me with sex, it makes me feel special and not to mention beautiful. I don’t know why he hasn’t tried to do it either. I think he just prefers blowjobs instead, but what person doesn’t prefer a blowjob to sex. Okay I prefer sex personally. However, my boyfriend is actually good at going downtown. I remember the first time he went down on me. I fantasize about that too now. I think of how it made me feel. How he made me feel. It was great, and I want to feel great again. My boyfriend is a truly a great man. I haven’t come across one of those until now. Moreover, I want to share my fantasies and tell him that I am feeling sexual frustrated at the moment. But that’s so easier said than done. I am a timid, shy girl. Unless I am drunk or something, I don’t normally just say what’s on my mind, and I don’t like him to read what I write either, it’s part of a mental disorder that I have. I don’t share my feelings; I repress them, blah, blah, blah, I have a mental illness.

Anyways, the fantasies that I have had lately are really girly. But they are, after all, my fantasies, and it gets me off. I think about this one more than any of my fantasies. I am lying down on his bed. My boyfriend comes in and tells me about his day, and lies down beside me after he’s done ranting. He looks at me with that sincere look; you know what I am talking about girls, the look that makes you feel like he’s proud to have you in his life. So he’s looking at me, then he places his hand on my face, and says, “So how was your day?” I tell him as he rubs the back of his fingers down my cheek to the tip of my neck and back again. We continue to have a small conversation about our day, he them moves his hand down to my collarbone and rubs it and my neck. My neck is the most sensitive thing for me; it turns me on just having someone breathe on it. While I am rambling about something, he starts kissing my neck, his hand grazes my breast and to the bottom of my shirt. He tells me to keep talking because I have lost my concentration due to the tingling throughout my body. He moves his hand under my shirt, and begins to fondle and grab my breast. At this point, I am breathing heavier. Still kissing my neck, he starts asking random questions that really don’t pertain to anything, but are amusingly seductive. He stops, “Baby it’s hot in here, maybe I should open the window.” My smartass would reply by “Oh yeah just open the window that would really cool things off.” He laughs, one of those yeah-okay laughs, sits up and then takes his shirt off.
Just so you know my boyfriend has the sexiest body to me. I love his body, and I love touching it. Picture this if you can. He is tall man, has perfect muscles in his arms, not huge and bulky, but strong enough to see his muscle lines. His body is very sleek, not scrawny by any means. I would say he has a medium to average build to his body. He has the perfect amount of hair on his chest that happily connects to his happy trail. Not too much hair and no stray ones here and there either. He has dark brown hair with a little bit of grey, blue eyes, and the happiest smile. I am very, very lucky to have him. Not just because he has a sexy body, there is a lot more to him than just that.
Continuing, he rolls over and sits between my legs, he begins to caress my inner thigh. He has this look on his face; it’s the smile that gives it away. I ask him what he is thinking. He starts to tickle me, and as he is enjoying this simple pleasure, he then moves both his hands down my shirt and commences to kiss me passionately. He sits up and starts to take my shirt off and starts sucking and kissing my neck again, he moves down to my breast and then plays with my nipple while one of his hands is fondling and groping the other breast. “Are you okay Baby?” he asked. “Oh yes Baby, I am fine.” I reply. He continues to lick, suck, fondle, and grope my breast for about five minutes. He then undoes his pants, then mine, but doesn’t take them off yet. He starts to tease me. Acting as though he’s going to touch my pussy, but doesn’t. He still continues to play with my tits. Back and forth teasing and touching. Then he tells me he want to rest for a second due to his long hard day. I tell him he’s a poor baby and should relax. I sit up and start to massage his dick. He does that soft “MMM” moan. I take his pants off, then his boxers. I then commence slowly going down his dick. Licking the head and the sides to get it nice and wet. I can’t really put into word how one of my blowjobs are performed, use your imagination. He eventually stops me and tells me to lay down. He then takes my pants off, and begins to lick my clit. I start to make a slight noise expressing that I am pleased with what he is doing, he then starts to use his fingers. He comes up and starts messing around with my breast again.
He stops what he is doing, he then positions me the way he wants me to be. Slowly putting it in, and taking it out, teasing me by not giving it all to me. And then, just one hard thrust, and takes it out, all but the head. He slowly sticks it in, but not by much, slowly giving it to me. He thrusts it in again, and again, and again. My boyfriend’s dick can reach all the way up inside of me. The feeling is indescribably. It ‘s intense and god it feels really good. We fuck until he cums.
That’s it. That’s my fantasy. Simple and girly.


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