Spending half a year in the Philippines opened up my eyes to the Wonder that is Philippine girls and I greatly enjoyed many filipina friends and our experiences together.
I met this lovely amazing girl through my work who quickly became my girlfriend. We also quickly found out that together with me she liked it a Little “risky”.. this is a Little short story about our visit to the Cinema.

I can’t remember the date precisely but it was about halfway into December month, since we were going to watch “The Hobbit” which had it’s premiere around the 15th., if I remember correctly. My girlfriend and I met outside the Ayala mall in Cebu and was eating a nice dinner at the Laguna Garden cafe. I was wearing long Loose shorts and a black comfortable T-shirt while she was in loose summerdress that left little to the fantasy imagining her sexy petite pinay body.

My girlfriend is as mentioned a little sexy filipina with small boobs, a small inviting ass and the thightest pussy I’ve yet to play with. She’s very shy and quite new to sex, but together with me we she let herself go and became more daring. As we went into Cinema 2 we made sure to find a row of seats where we could be alone, we weren’t planning on anything but the sexual tension between us was so intense, that we were sure everyone in the hall could see how horny we were.

The movie started and we were really excited, we both liked the “Lord of the Rings”-trilogy and had high expectations to this late “prequel”. I had my hand on her thigh where her dress parted a little bit allowing a small glimpse of her brown soft skin. As I started to caress her thigh, slowly moving my hand to the inside of her legs, I felt her hand rubbing my half hard cock outside on the shorts, making it harden quickly under her gentle touch.
She nervously looked around, there were both people behind us and in front of us, with the people in the front row consist of three teenage girls and a b*****r, or maybe just a male friend, a few years older than them. Confident that noone looked she spread her leg a bit more allowing me to feel the warmth radiating from between her sexy thighs. I bend over to kiss her and we started playing with each other’s tongues as I gently put pressure on her panties hiding her already quite wet pussy. she moaned a bit and squeezed my dick harder, making it stand at attention.

For a while we just kissed and petted each other, slowly touching and feeling each other’s bodies. I could tell she was gathering courage and I decided not to rush the situation, after all, it was a long movie.
However, having a sexy girl rub your hard cock in the middle of a semi-crowded cinema while yourself are playing with her pussy, has an effect on everyone. Failing in finding the courage I helped my girlfriend by pulling down my shorts a bit for her to release my throbbing cock from it’s confiment. I could see her face go red in shyness but at the same time she grabbed my rock hard cock and slowly started to jerk it off, her eyes locked on my manhood.
Slipping a finger inside of her panties I started to finger her little tight pussy, feeling how wet and horny she was there in the cinemachair besides me. I started to finger her harder and harder and she had a hard time to keep her moans back. Suddenly we heard footsteps and saw movement and we very quickly put my cock away and returned to proper seating. A few seconds laters a man walked by down the main isle, but luckily didn’t notice anything. I’m not sure excactly what the consequences would be for getting caught in public sex in the Philippines, but it wouldn’t be fun, that’s for sure.

As the guy disappeared down the isle I was so incredibly horny I immediately pulled out my cock and while looking around to see if everything was okay, I felt my girlfriends warm soft lips close around my dark red hot dickhead. She slowly started to move up and down sucking my cock good. It was at this time I noticed the small pair of eyes looking back at us from the front seat. One of the girls had caught us and my Heart beated so hard and fast I thought I was going to get a heartattack or something, but she just smiled and send me a kiss and I slowly started to relax.
But fuck I was turned so much on by this young girl watching my girlfriend leaning over sucking my hard dick in the middle of the cinema, and as the hobbit escaped Gollum up on the screen I could feel the pressure in my balls letting me know I was ready to cum. My girlfriend pulled her head back releasing my cock from her wonderful mouth.I suddenly started shooting my load all over the floor in an intense orgasm, even hitting the seat in front of us, only a few centimeters from the peeping young filipina that followed everything with big eyes and a naughty smile.

Watching my thick sperm run down the seat and the stains on the floor I looked at my girlfriend who giggled with the cutest red cheeks I’ve ever seen. Partly embarrased and partly incredible horny. Unfortunately her filipina shyness returned to her after making me cum and I had to wait until we got back home to repay her for her great tongue and mouthwork..

After the movie we discretely left the cinema and joined the other visitors in the line leading to the exit. Standing there tight together I felt a small hand grabbing my dick but from the other side of where my girlfriend stood. I only got to see a big smiling pinay face from the girl who had sat in front of us, as she turned her head whispering something in the ear of her friend making them both giggle and her friend’s cheek blush like a strawberry.

Later that night I took of my shorts before going to sl**p, realising I had something in my pocket.. shaking my pants made a small note with a phone number and a big smiley fall out, picking it up I smiled to myself and went to bed.


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